Emotional intelligence in the workplace: get more out of this ability

Having good reception skills as well as cognitive intelligence is of great help in the professional world, emotional intelligence has been the protagonist in recent years thanks to the results that can be obtained by using it in a better way with work teams, suppliers and customers. 

Learn some of these benefits:

Emotional intelligence is socially functional to be able to reach agreements in an empathic way or achieve results where the parties involved feel satisfied with what has been obtained. 

This ability also allows you to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and understand the reasons for the circumstances. Leaders or managers who have good emotional intelligence are the ones who generate better results in their areas, besides being profiles that stand out from the rest. 

Nowadays, some companies hold sessions of this type with middle and senior management in order to develop this type of behavior and share it with colleagues. Even if you have excellent knowledge and mastery of subjects, it is a good complement to be able to carry out social functions and with the different external members with whom you interact.  

To generate this type of skills the main thing is:

  • Putting oneself in the other person’s place
  • Understanding the reasons why this is happening
  • See the possible solutions and consider what may be best for those involved.
  • Give recognition when necessary and when not, follow up on the issue until it is resolved.