10 trends in Human Resources that will be present in 2021

We introduce to you some of the trends in Human Resources that will be present in 2021.

  1. Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness will be one of the priorities during 2021, ensuring that work teams have stress and anxiety management exercises to maintain optimal levels of well-being.

  1. Work flexibility and work life balance 

Keeping work and personal life separate in the hybrid work model is becoming increasingly difficult, however a balance between the two is needed, as well as generating empathy for the different moments in which one thing should be given priority over the other.

  1. Innovating in the environment 

Current events change day by day and keeping up to date is vital to survive. Trying different options that can be useful to the market will serve to position yourself within the company’s business sector.

  1. Diversification

Diversification and changes for the better apply not only to the business, but also to the employees, the main step is implementing non-discrimination and equity measures for each one of them. If your company has not yet implemented this type of good practice, you can turn to the Human Resources area.

  1. Digital disconnection

With our complicated work schedules and extended working hours, it’s important to try as much as possible to keep distance from work and disconnect to dedicate time to oneself and our families. It is also important to establish schedules that allow not working all the time.

  1. Constant update 

Para algunos trabajos la carga laboral disminuyó debido a sus funciones, relacionadas con actividades que se mantienen actualmente en pausa, para ellos inscribirse a un curso, actualización o taller que beneficie sus habilidades será de gran utilidad que también beneficiará a la organización.

  1. Move to the cloud

Having virtual backups of all documents or storing them in one drive will serve to keep files safe, as well as to facilitate their access by other team members.

  1. Recruitment and selection 2021

The use of technology for recruitment and selection through digital platforms will have a great boom this year, this type of practice is expected to remain permanently.

  1. Welcomes and celebrations 

Some holidays, as well as important dates will now have their celebration space within platforms such as zoom or meet. Employee welcomes, birthdays and activities that used to be extra office will be hosted here for the time being.

  1. Personal care

Promoting personal care and prevention are key to keep the body in optimal conditions. Promoting the use of masks and hygiene will be points to consider in 2021.