The future of work in 2021, things will continue the same as now

With the new normality, a series of techniques that were put into operation will be able to continue carrying out tasks without affecting or decreasing the activities of the companies, which surely, and thanks to the good performance that they have turned out to have, they were here to stay and implemented within the following years of organizations.
Work in a hybrid way:

With work at home and some days at the office, hybrid work models have turned out to be a tool with good productivity results for employees, in addition to better results, this is also the opportunity for companies to reduce costs of general services such as water, light, and supplies.

Synthesize the information:

Under this new work scheme, the information and the relevance of issues were further synthesized, for example, when it must be resolved by email, by a virtual meeting or when it is necessary to physically go to take action on the matter.


The best profiles will be those of people who have the skills to work for objectives, who know how to tolerate key moments, solve problems, and above all who know how to use technology tools that are related to current events such as meet, zoom, and drive.

Geographic spaces:

By not working or complying with a daily office routine, physical spaces will become decentralized and people will begin to move to areas near to cities, to go alone or to be in cities in key periods, so migration will also be a factor to consider within this new business normality.