These are the areas in which job offers in organizations are going to grow.

Although there are several areas in the organizations, due to the current situation it is estimated that these are the ones that mainly help to reactivate the economy and attract new talent within the organizations, know them:

Customer Success: 

According to the World Economic Forum, profiles specialized in Customer Success are expected to have a growth and greater dynamism within the labor market, increasing functions that generate a development of up to 70% within their area.


One of the main areas in charge of mass purchases is undoubtedly sales. These profiles focus on analyzing and filling the specialized needs of each client, generating large amounts of capital through their expertise in customer satisfaction. 


Having a presence in the digital world, today more than ever, plays a key role in the survival of organizations. IT profiles in addition to being in charge of the internal welfare of the company in terms of software and hardware now also fulfill the function of maintaining an external image of the company through websites, e-commerce platforms among others. 

Product development:

2021 is a year out of what we are used to, the needs of consumers are not the same as before, in this way the area of product development within organizations, will have to stand out to generate items or services that meet these new customer needs, and then position itself as an innovative company, which seeks to keep captive a certain segment of the population.


Together with IT, marketing and advertising teams will have to focus efforts on the digital presence of brands to generate conversation, reach new audiences and grow followers in social networks for specific actions such as site visits, communicate information, generate sales, among others.